Kaitlyn Pronyk

My goal at SpinHouse is to help you put everything aside - ride hard, get sweaty, and lose yourself in the beats!

A Little More About Me:
I’m a dreamer, adventure seeker, travel enthusiast, that can’t sit still. I’m always searching for my next hike, camping spot, travel destination and then gathering all my favorite people to bring along for the ride!

Soundtrack to my Ride:
Macklemore – And We Danced
Shake it Off – Taylor Swift
If it Makes you Happy – Cheryl Crow
What a Song Should Do – Tim Hicks
Kings of Summer - ayokay

Upcoming Classes

Morning House Ride

2021-12-03 (Fri)
(6:00 AM) 50 mins

House Ride

2021-12-07 (Tue)
(6:00 PM) 50 mins

Morning House Ride

2021-12-10 (Fri)
(6:00 AM) 50 mins