Olivia Polson

My teaching style is fun, encourage and supportive! We have lots of laughs together and I want everyone to feel accomplished and proud of how far they've come in just 50 minutes.

A Little More About Me:
When I'm not spinning, I work on the e-commerce team at Lululemon (currently working from home!), hanging with my nine year old cat, Sweatpants (sweaty for short) or checking out new breweries all over BC (if you ever need a brewery rec let me know!).

Soundtrack to My Ride:
Thank You (Not so Bad) - Vize
Apollo - KC Lights Remix
Freedom - Beyonce ft. Kendrick Lamar
Tambourine - Eve
Love Don't Cost a Thing - Jennifer Lopez

Upcoming Classes

House Ride

2022-10-08 (Sat)
(10:30 AM) 50 mins

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