Danielle Deyagher

My class is intense, athletic and strong, be prepared to go fast, go heavy and break boundaries. Together we'll push past your comfort zone and become our best selves inside and out.

A Little More About Me:
Full-time ER nurse and dog mom. The beat, the vibe and the gratitude that I feel from teaching and the SpinHouse Community is why I love to ride.

Soundtrack to My Ride:
Good Morning - Kanye West
Get it Right - Diplo
Holy Shit.- Owl Vision
Shadow Self - LSDREAM
17 - MK (6am Remix)

Upcoming Classes

House Ride

2022-09-28 (Wed)
(9:30 AM) 50 mins

House Ride

2022-10-06 (Thu)
(9:30 AM) 50 mins

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